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What is EndNote?


Move Seemlessly Through the Research Process


EndNote gives you the tools to search, organize, write and share research.


On top of the ability to create bibliographies and CVs right from within EndNote, features like “Find Full Text” and “Update Records” automates the process of locating and updating your collection’s information, saving hours of time searching through individual files.


The only tool of its kind, EndNote makes managing research easy for anyone— from the novice researcher publishing their first discovery to the senior professor writing a grant, and the research teams that work together at every stage of research. EndNote even makes it easy for the clinician to keep track of research related to their specialty.

Perfect for the researcher or clinician—no matter how vast your collection of research. With unlimited desktop and online storage, a research library can expand endlessly. 

 The Research Professionals Toolkit

• Search hundreds of online resources for references and PDFs within EndNote

• Designate a watch folder on your desktop to auto-import PDFs

Find full text and update old references and links in one click

• Automatically organize references into groups based on searches and rules you create

Annotate PDFs with searchable notes and comments within a built-in PDF viewer

Track references and find favorites with rating and status tools

• Store as many fi les as you need with no limit on library size or cloud storage

Share your entire research library with up to 14 other collaborators

• Create and reformat bibliographies within Microsoft® Word in over 6,000 styles

• Connect with fellow researchers around the world through EndNote online

Access and manage your research from anywhere—on desktop, online, or the iPad


EndNote’s sharing capabilities allow you to effectively collaborate and share across departments and organizations. Share only groups of references or your entire research library. You can share your entire library— including references, PDFs, and annotations—with up to 14 colleagues and team members, internally or abroad.

With real-time sync and unlimited storage, simultaneously build on each other’s work or create a new library from scratch together. Easily tap into the collective intelligence and expertise of your peers to advance understanding and solve problems faster. FROM ANYWHERE, ANYTIME With EndNote, your research is accessible from anywhere. EndNote includes access to your library—with unlimited reference and fi le storage, annotations, and group sharing.

By creating an online account and syncing your desktop and online libraries, you can access that library on any computer where EndNote is installed, access it online, or on your iPad®.

Managing your EndNote library from your desktop, online, and your iPad gives you access to connect with your research whenever and wherever you need it most. And the free, online only version of EndNote is perfect for those new to research. With EndNote, you can spend less time on the details, and more time on the big picture because your research is always at your fingertips.