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Do I have the latest version of EndNote?


In order to get full use out of EndNote, it is important to always have the latest version. 

To check if you are up to date, follow these simple steps. 


If you open EndNote and you are shown this Follow these steps. If you do not see the screen in the image below, please scroll down to here

1) Open EndNote. It is possible that you will see the screen above. This makes it easy and all you need to do is click Download and Install and it will take care of itself.

2) Once it has finished downloading, it will begin the installation procedure. At this point, ensure that all Microsoft Office programs are closed as this will interfere with the installation process.

3) Follow the onscreen prompts, clicking next to proceed. 

4) It will then begin the updating process.

5) Once this is complete, click Finish to close the updater. 

6) When you open EndNote again, it will be updated and will have kept all of your libraries and information intact. 

If you do not see that screen, follow the instructions below

1) Open EndNote

2) Go to the Help menu

3) Click Check for Updates

4) Follow the on screen prompts to either install an updated version or confirm that you have EndNote x8.5